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4 Dreams Escape Game

Did you know that Dream World actually exists? What if you could visit and see for yourself?

Would you like to explore the fantasy dream of a magic forest or solve the mystery of the cabin in the woods? How about traveling back in time to visit inventor’s lab where mechanics and magic collide? Or living through a classic dream of being trapped inside an elevator… a gorgeous 18th century elevator!

Four Dreams. Four Worlds. One Hour.
 Are you ready for the adventure? Book your escape room adventure at 4 Dreams Escape in Seattle and unlock a world of excitement and mystery with your team!
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Team Building

Private Events


How do I make a reservation?

We require all guests to reserve their experience and make payment online. Given the required set-up for each game, walk-ins are generally discouraged. Exceptions may be made if there are available spots.

Where are you located?

We are located at 500 Wall St, Seattle, WA 98121

Do we play with strangers?

When you book our game, only the people you bring will be allowed inside the room. That means you won’t have any strangers with you when you’re playing.

How do we choose a theme?

You do not! All participants will travel through four different worlds during their journey!

Do I need any special skills?

You get to use your team working skills, creativity and “think outside the box”. No special skills or physical abilities are required.

Is there an age limit?

The suggested age is 12 and above. While you’re welcome to bring younger children, it’s required to have at least one adult present.

How do we pay?

We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Sorry, we do not accept cash.

Can everyone in our group pay separately online?

Yes. Although when bookings become available they fill up fast. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have everyone in your group purchase their tickets quickly. Alternatively, you can have one person purchase all the tickets for the entire group.

What if I am unable to attend?

You can reschedule your game online up to 24 hours before the start. Follow the confirmation link in your email.

Is it hard? Can we ask for help?

Yes it is. Yes you can. The rest is up to us.

I really want to escape!

Focus. Think logically. Work as a team. Use your creative side. Stay active and motivated. Passive, sad, and unhappy folks do not escape.

Do you host team building events?

Absolutely! Our rooms were designed with team building in mind and are a great place to lock up your employees. Please fill out the form on our website or send us an email!

Birthdays, parties, large groups

We gladly host birthdays, private parties, and team building events! Please reach out to us via online form or email for comprehensive details and available packages.